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web design prices

Web design prices, prices of design web sites

We have done over 400 web sites in various technologies


Real prices of web sites for all activities - from small businesses (workshops, salons) to large companies. Price is most often based on your requirements and the complexity of the web site, but it is certainly the goal that the client gets the best solution. Each project has a few steps - designing, programming, optimizing and updating as needed.

The goal is a satisfied client so we are always ready to agree - from idea, suggestion, advice.

- Design web site, redesign web site, optimization

- Programming CMS Admin Panel (option)

- Programming on customer request (various web applications)

Packages with the cost of creating a web site or web pages, web app


200 - 250 eur (included VAT)

For smaller companies


250 - 500 eur (included VAT)

For bigger companies


500 - 750 eur (included VAT)

Unique design


from 750 eur (included VAT)

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